Who Am I Anyway

Just a Teacher that LOVES to Teach

Danica Kalemdaroglu

I have been a movement educator for over twenty years. I found Pilates through my undergraduate curriculum as an injured dance major at Goucher College BA in 2002. Pilates did what years of physical therapy couldn't and it became my passion. Years later I completed my graduate degree at CU Boulder and became certified through the Pilates Center, Boulder in 2005. I began teaching Pilates full time and dancing every last piece of cartilage out of my knees. Using Pilates to heal me has shaped my teaching method and approach. Guided by the classical method of Joseph Pilates, I teach to educate each body of their individual movement potential. I have grown Pilates 804 from a mobile business to a home studio offering privates. Then into a fully equipped studio offering group classes and a comprehensive teacher training program (TTPP). Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher of the Pilates Method Alliance in NCPT - 2005

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