What is P804 ONLINE?

P804Online is a virtual platform for continuing and developing movement education and educators.

Each course uses the traditional language of Pilates to give new teachers a strong foundation and connection to the work. Teachers looking for continuing education or to bridge their training will find course work that is informative and engaging. 

Topics span from exercises on specific pieces to movement theory and biomechanics. I will soon add: Mentoring Programs, Interactive Courses, Exercise Library. 

Just looking to move and make sure you are getting quality Pilates? There's something for everyone!

Something for Everyone

  • Movers

    Full mat workouts with the Movers Membership. No equipment other than your own body.

  • Learners

    Expand your practice on the equipment and use various props in my FBOMBfriyay classes.

  • Healers

    Continuing and bridge education for pilates professionals and movement educators.

Who Am I Anyway

Just a Teacher that LOVES to Teach

Danica Kalemdaroglu

I have been a movement educator for over twenty years. I found Pilates through my undergraduate curriculum as an injured dance major with years of misuse. Pilates did what years of physical therapy couldn't and became my passion. Using Pilates to heal my body has shaped my teaching method and approach. Guided by the classical method of Joseph Pilates, I teach to educate each body of their individual movement potential.


B.A. - Goucher College

M.F.A - University of Colorado, Boulder

Advanced Graduate of The Pilates Center, Boulder

Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor - PMA

Catch me on Pilates Anytime

Rise and Recharge

5 mat classes that bring the principles of the TTPP to life.